About the Cooking School

If you are self-confident and curious about the world, you will enjoy the Academy of Cooking & Other Pleasures in Paraty, Brazil. Our cooking school functions broadly in all the areas described in this web site; Dinner Demonstrations, 3 and 5 Day Culinary Tours, Weddings, Conferences, and Professional Culinary Training.

When you are planning a vacation know that our cooking demonstrations with dinner (instead of a restaurant) and our culinary tours are both new, fun ways to see deeper into Brazil and touch the essence of Brazilian culture. We are a truly rewarding alternative to the Europe that you already know so much about.

When you’d like to perfect your cooking skills at a professional level enroll in one of the professional culinary training classes at our cooking school. These involve traditional gourmet gastronomy as well as classes in Brazilian cuisine. One result is that you will convince yourself that you can make delicious and elegant dishes with the simplest of ingredients.

To orient you, the Academy of Cooking & Other Pleasures began operating in Paraty in 2003. Our mission is to produce programs and services that combine the several joys of Paraty, Brazil and cooking, and to ensure that the result is fun for all those involved.

See what others have to say about the Academy of Cooking & Other Pleasures.

That evening, Professor Roberts and her brigade of fairy sous-chefs rustled up a Brazilian feast at her Academy of Cooking and Other Pleasures. We began with gilo puff pastry. “Gilo is a vegetable typical of the Cerrado region [where we were], very popular in Brazil,” she said. “It looks like a small green eggplant.” Next arrived chicken flambéed in cachaça then simmered in wine and stock. To follow, Pequi rice with pequi béchamel; pequi, an aphrodisiac fruit from Cerrado, is used in sauces, stews and with rice. Then came a salad from the Brazilian savannah: pumpkins, cinnamon, lettuce and cashews. To finish: guava paste soufflé. It was mouthful after mouthful of history and culture, every bit as exotic as Brazil itself. Give it a few more decades and I’m sure Brazilian cuisine will be holding its own at the top table of world food. All we need now is a Parati Food Festival.

Carnival atmosphere: festival at Parati (The Independent)

Having dinner at the “Academia de Cozinha & Outros Prazeres” was a wonderful experience. Richard is the most wonderful host always filling up our cups with his own recipe for the Brasilian national drink the “caipirinha” and Yara’s teachings of local and Brasilian cuisine is a experience that none one should miss when visiting in Paraty. Having a meal at their school/home, combined with great stories from their life experiences of living in Europe, Mexico and the States was a night we would love to repeat!